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House Demolition Melbourne

At A Grade Demolition we proudly offer outstanding, exceptional, and personalised demolition solutions to Melbourne residents across the city. Since 2006 we have ensured that homeowners enquiring expert and precise demolition works can trust our fully-qualified and experienced demolition contractors. Committed to providing an unmatched series of house demolition services our team have helped countless Melbourne residents improve the quality of their property.

Thanks to our methodical approach to the removal and disposal of small and large quantities of building refuse A Grade Demolition can deliver prompt and affordable solutions to your specific needs and requirements. Experienced in conducting both partial and complete demolition services across Melbourne we can remove homes of all sizes. Our in-depth approach allows us to deliver our demolition services without any obstacles or worries.

Driven to complete our works in as little time as possible the team at A Grade Demolition work as one to ensure the efficient and smooth completion of your demolition or construction project. To learn more about the benefits of hiring our team to conduct your house demolition Melbourne residents can call us today on 9302 1200.

Entrust Your New Building Project To Us

Are you looking to build a new home? If your old building is already partly damaged, then you need to get rid of your old one! At A GRADE DEMOLITION PTY LTD, we can help you with your demolition needs!

Whether you need partial or a complete demolition service, our team of experts are at your disposal.

We Don't Leave Any Shortcomings!

At A GRADE DEMOLITION PTY LTD, we understand your need to start your new construction project without any worries and obstacles. This why, we make it a point to provide a service of high quality to all our esteemed customers.

You can rest assured that we will take full care of your building and development project needs without leaving any shortcomings.

« You won't regret having hired our professionals! »


We also offer the following services:

  • Vegetation and tree removal
  • Concrete and pavement removal
  • Internal strip outs
  • Bin hire
  • Excavation and bobcat jobs
  • Asbestos removal

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